Equipment for your LIFE QUEST JOURNEY

Only when we travel outside ourselves,
do we get a true perspective on our Life Quest.

Life Quest starts at birth, when that happens is up to you.
Until then you are just keeping time.

Deliverance for the captive of fear

Hard earned Wisdom:
Willfulness is doing what is wrong to forward our own goals, when we know to do right.
Strife, dis'n and contention keeps us from receiving the good goals of our Life Quest.
Self-hate leads to destruction. Addictions like smoking start with seeking approval, if only with ourself. When we hate ourselves we hang with others who hate themselves. "Birds of a feather flock together," remember the old saying?
To get some perspective, look at a child. Does a child have any habits when very young, that isn't first taught by the adults in the child's life?
Our will chooses the easy way most of the time.
But I found it is too much trouble to get into trouble. All the lying and covering up is not worth the effort.
If you feel defensive, there must be something you are trying to cover up. Get down on your face before God and confess what is in your heart.
He already knows. You are not telling Him anything new.
Repentance means turn around, let God teach you what is pleasing to Him. He is big enough to answer all your questions.

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Without Jesus,
you don't have a prayer.
Find out what you can do for yourself.
Where will you spend eternity?
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Solace for the down and out.
This BOOK is alive!
Read for yourself.
The Bible in Fifty Words
God made
Adam bit
Noah arked
Abraham split
Joseph ruled
Jacob fooled
Bush talked
Moses balked
Pharoah plagued
People walked
Sea Divided
Tablets guided
Promise landed
Saul freaked
David peaked
Prophets warned
Jesus born
God walked
Love talked
Anger crucified
Hope died
Love rose
Spirit flamed
Word spread
God remained.

author unknown
Discover the Jewish Jesus
It Is Written Host John Bradshaw
Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church
Oklahoma City, Ok
Hope for the weary.
To Receive from God
you must believe that He is.
Then believe that you receive
and expect a change.
It will start with you.

First forgive.
Then make your request to God.
The answer is in the Bible.

He Grew the Tree by Willie Harris
July 17, 1958 to February 11, 2015
Jesus said, " If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father."
Not ashamed?
Pass it on . . .
only if you mean it.
Yes, I do love God.
He is my source of existence and my Savior.
He keeps me functioning each and everyday. Without Him, I will be nothing.
Without him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
Phillipians 4:13
This is the simplest test . . .
if you Love God, and are not ashamed of all the marvelous things he has done for you, pass it on!

Free Bible for your cell phone!
Reclaiming America For Christ
A fantastic series of 35 full color art works done by Christian artist
Pat Marvenko Smith
portrays the difficult to imagine visions exactly as described in the apocalyptic
Book of Revelation,
the last book of the Bible.

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